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Nearly half of Chinese audience expect Germany to win the Euro

Pierre Justo

Managing Director Asia Pacific, Sports & Media Kantar Sport, CSM Media Research-Kantar Media

TV & Movie 16.06.2016 / 05:30

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Sports audiences in nine out of 10 surveyed Asian countries think Germany will win the Euro 2016, with only Philippine fans favouring Spain. England is the second favourite, but Chinese fans have the least confidence in the Three Lions.

A recent survey by CSM Media Research-KantarSport Asia* showed that 45.5% of Chinese sports audiences expect Germany to win the Euro 2016 in France, a distant leader ahead of all other teams.

The closest competitor, defending Champion Spain, was cited by 16.7% of Chinese interviewees. The supports for the third to fifth teams, Italy (11.0%), France (10.6%) and England (10.2%), were very close.

The CSM-KantarSport Asian Barometer Survey was an online research focusing on sports audiences between 15 – 54 year in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Germany was also a distant leader in Asia as a whole. The 2014 Brazilian World Cup winner was cited by 37.2% Asian sports audiences surveyed as the final winner. It also came on top in nine of the 10 markets surveyed, the only exception was Philippines, where Spain was cited by 26.7% respondents as the ultimate winner.

More specifically on the predictions of the Asian football fans (those who claim to be “very interested in football”), Germany was even more highly mentioned, with 43% of citations.

England, which capitalizes on a strong interest and follow-up in the English Premier League in most South East Asian countries, was cited behind Germany in second by 16.6% of all Asians. In Thailand (24.5%), Australia (23.3%) as well as Malaysia (21.4%) and Indonesia (20.0%), England was highly cited. However, Chinese fans, many of whom called England “the Europe’s China Team”, had the least confidence in the Three Lions because only 10.2% of Chinese interviewees said it would come on top.

Title holder Spain came up in third position with 15.1%, and apart from the Philippines, they were strongly mentioned too in Indonesia (18.9%) and China (16.7%). It’s worth noticing that such a result is not very surprising as Indonesia, China and the Philippines are three markets where La Liga is highly aired on TV and highly watched and followed.

Based on these data, the ratings for the Euro 2016, despite of the time difference, would be quite good in Asia. More than 70% Asian interviewees said they were following the Euro 2016 games. The enthusiasm is highest (90%+) in China and lowest (41%) in Japan. Given the considerable audience base in Asia, the Euro 2016 have a significant amount of overseas audiences.

Source: CSM

Editor's notes

* The survey, which has 2,874 valid samples, was conducted in May 2016. So the teams’ performances in warm-up and first round matches were not reflected in this survey.

* To know more information, data and analysis of sports marketing and TV ratings in Asia, please contact us.

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