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Kantar launches Marketplace in China

Martin Guo

Editor-in-Chief, Kantar China Insights

Brands 10.09.2019 / 18:00

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The world’s only on-demand research and insights store Kantar Marketplace is now available in China.

Kantar has just launched its on-demand research and insights store Kantar Marketplace in China. This fast-growing platform is the only on-demand service that combines high quality, validated sample reach to 88 million consumers worldwide with self-serve custom surveys, more sophisticated insights solutions and expert consulting.

Kantar Marketplace was launched globally in March, 2019. Within six months, it completed more than 1,000 projects. More than 100 world top advertisers have chosen Kantar Marketplace to assess their content and optimize their business performance in over 40 markets.

As a one-stop on-demand shop for business insights, Kantar Marketplace can help clients:

* Search Kantar’s existing insights from more than 50 markets around the world;

* Launch quick polls and surveys to get answers in under an hour; all consumers in the panel have registered with real IDs and are willing to participate surveys;

* Through intuitive self-serve interface, highly visualized data dashboard, easy and multiple data export methods and quick turnover capabilities, you can make better, faster decisions at the speed of business in China;

* Marketplace also gives clients a holistic view of all testing results of every format across 43 markets.


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Kantar Control Markets

Initial client feedbacks are like this:

A marketing director at a world leading e-commerce company:

“Link Now is a fantastic addition to the Kantar product range. We have always had confidence in the Kantar Link test results and with Link. Now we can get insight into the impact and efficiency of our TV and social media video advertising within hours and at a low cost. Our creative development process moves fast and this new innovation from Kantar suits our needs perfectly.”

A consumer insights manager at a world leading food and beverage company:

“We were conducting an ideation workshop aiming at generating product concepts for a few markets. Thanks to eValuate Express, we were able to get a first quantitative feedback from our lead market overnight. The Kantar team successfully delivered results the day after at lunch time; this was very exciting! We were able to wrap up the workshop, giving concrete feedback to the attendees and to the management on how the generated concepts performed. We were also able to quickly optimise these concepts before running the tests in the other markets.”

Kantar Marketplace Introduction Video


To know more about Kantar Marketplace in China or request a demo, please contact us:

Sirius Wang

CEO, Kantar Marketplace, Greater China

Chief Product Officer          


Eric Tan

Chief Client Officer  

Source: Kantar

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