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The Art of Integration

Martin Guo

Editor-in-Chief, Kantar China Insights

Brands 27.02.2018 / 13:14

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Near 90% of surveyed marketers say their media strategies are integrated, but not all consumers think campaigns are fit across different channels.

Since 2001, Kantar Millward Brown has been conducting AdReaction survey globally, delivering insights on consumers’ perception on advertising, particularly in digital world.

The latest study focuses on the integration and customization of campaigns to maximize synergies across channels and avoid dangers of fragmentation.

Let’s begin with an inconvenient reality: there is a huge gap between how well marketers think they integrate strategies and what consumers see.

Near 90% of marketers think their media strategies are “very integrated” or “somewhat integrated” in Kantar Millward Brown’s Getting Media Right 2017 global survey. (Note 1)

However, when we asked Chinese consumers in our AdReaction survey: “How well do the ads you see from most brands fit together across different ad formats?”, only 61% of them said “fits together very well” or fits together somewhat”. (To be fair, it is already 3 percentage points higher than global average!) (note 2)

So, what has gone wrong?

Though most Chinese consumers aren’t campaign integration experts, they do get exposed to different ad formats across various channels every day, if not every minute. And they do realize they are being more frequently bombarded. Among all Chinese respondents, 85% of them said “ads are appearing in more places now” compared with three years ago, 4 percentage points higher than global average. Among young Chinese consumers (16-29), the rate is even higher at 94%!

With increased number of ads, consumers expect the ads to be more tailor made for them and reach them at the right moment.

According to our research, there are five stages in a consumer journey:

Five Stages Of Consumer Journey

We listed 14 formats of ads. The survey result showed that no more than five formats of ads can have meaningful impact on consumers during each stage.

Five Stages And 14 Ad Formats


Overall, top five ad formats need to be well integrated with all other channels in a multimedia campaign throughout different stages.

Top 5 Ad Formats

The challenge to design a powerfully integrated media campaign is to balance “customization” and “consistency”. Marketers need to design different ads for not only different formats, but also different audiences. At the same time, they need to make sure these ads fit with each other.

Kantar Millward Brown has found that customization and integration are keys to guarantee consistency and personalization of all ad formats.


Customize each ad format based on:

* What role it plays?

* Who is the target audience?

* What is your target audience’s interest?

* When and where to see it?


Selectively invest in channels that connect with consumers, play clear roles, and fit with other channels.

Integrate all different creative elements across channels through bundling them together through a strong central campaign idea.

Central Idea Tree Alone

According to 223 studies Kantar Millward Brown had undertaken globally between 2015 and 2017, overall campaign contribution uplift with a central campaign idea was 64% higher than those without one.

Usually, an integrated media campaign will involve 14 integration cues, such as message, visual theme, colour scheme, brand personality/character, etc. The research result from the abovementioned studies showed that marketers need to integrate at least seven cues to have a meaningful improvement on campaign performance. Campaigns with seven or more integration cues will deliver 27% higher impact than campaign with six or less integration cues.

To get the full report of Art of Integration, or to effectively improve the performance of your integrated media campaign to achieve higher ROI, please contact us.

Source: 凯度华通明略

Editor's notes

Note 1: Kantar Millward Brown “Getting Media Right 2017” global marketer survey: More than 300 interviews were conducted during June-August 2017 among leading global marketers representing advertisers, agencies and media companies;

Note 2: Kantar Millward Brown AdReaction surveyed over 14,500 interviews among 16-65 year olds between August - November 2017 in 45 markets (at least 300 per

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